LearnEnglish Pathways

Improve your ability to use English in practical real-life situations with this series of 8 online courses. LearnEnglish Pathways courses are organised across 4 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), from elementary to upper intermediate (A1 - B2). Learners at the elementary level are supported with instructions in Spanish.


  • Practise essential skills for work, travel and study
  • Develop reading, listening and grammar skills, and build your vocabulary
  • Stay motivated with the help of interactive exercises and engaging multimedia content
  • Continuously revise new knowledge using mini reviews
  • Study where and when you want, on PC or tablet*
  • Track your progress and results via monitoring dashboard
  • Earn a Certificate of completion by the British Council

*LearnEnglish Pathways is optimised for large screen tablets and 7 inch retina displays.

Join thousands of students worldwide who are improving their English with LearnEnglish Pathways!

3-month access to the complete LearnEnglish Pathways suite of online courses is available at an exclusive price of 15 € to Carné Joven card holders.

To access a free taster or to purchase LearnEnglish Pathways (existing Carné Joven card holders), click here .

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